About Wolf Jaw Press

Alicia Burnett, founder of Wolf Jaw Press

Alicia Burnett, founder of Wolf Jaw Press

It all started when...

Hi, I'm Alicia Burnett and I'm the founder of Wolf Jaw Press. I fell in love with printmaking while I was an undergraduate illustration student at the Rhode Island School of Design. At RISD, I took a silkscreen printing class during my junior year and I was instantly hooked. As a student that was interested in illustration, printmaking, graphic design, and textiles, screen printing seemed like the perfect marriage of all my artistic interests.

After I graduated from RISD, I moved to Brooklyn to pursue a Masters of Fine Arts degree in graphic design at Pratt Institute. While at Pratt, I thoroughly enjoyed studying graphic design, expanding my creative thinking abilities, and working on projects in unfamiliar mediums, yet I found myself yearning for the days I spent in the screen printing studio at RISD. Unable to shake the printmaking itch, I started looking for a community printmaking studio in New York City during my second and final year at Pratt. I quickly realized joining a community studio would be expensive and inconvenient for a broke post, and so I decided to try to build my own screen printing studio!

After months of research and many hours of sawing, glueing, and hammering in combination with some crash-course style electrical engineering, a screen printing studio slowly materialized in the basement of my parent's house. I owe an incredible amount of credit to my Father, Phil, for helping me build the equipment necessary for Wolf Jaw Press to be a reality. I would not have a printing table, exposure unit, washout station, or drying rack if it wasn't for his ingenuity and resourcefulness.